Workflows enhance collaboration between multiple users & groups for tasks like editing, moving or deleting content, and utilize a Dashboard management interface for approving or denying changes. Workflows integrate with the granular control offered by advanced permissions. To set up and use workflows, you'll need to have Advanced Permissions enabled.

Adding a workflow introduces an intermediate step between editing and publishing changes to a page. This step can be used to prompt another user, or group of users, to review the requested change and verify it before it is made "live" on the site.

Workflow Types

Basic Workflow

The Concrete CMS Basic Workflow is included in the concrete core. It offers a single-step approval process that can be attached to any permissions item on a page. Pending changes to pages that have entered a Basic Workflow can be approved or denied by any user, group or combination of users and groups that you like. The Basic Workflow also features notification options to keep participants up-to-date as pages enter and leave a workflow. Multiple workflows can be created to manage different permissions items on any page in your site.

To get started, check out Basic Workflow Setup.

Enterprise Workflow

Our Enterprise Workflow product adds a flexible, multi-step process that extends the core workflow functionality. It's aimed at large organizations that require complex approval processes that involve different teams and decision makers.

A requested change can be passed along to any other step in the workflow upon approval or denial, allowing an even more granular examination of a requested change by particular individuals or groups in your team. Enterprise Workflow can also control page permissions at every step of the process, ensuring that only particular contributors can view or alter a changed page while it is at a certain step in your workflow.

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