Release Notes


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Behavioral Improvements

  • Add config setting to enable / disable help system (thanks akodde)
  • Redirects with trailing URL slashes to non-trailing (or vice versa) now use the 301 code instead of 302.
  • Code cleanup and bug fixes to form helper class (thanks mlocati)
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup and notice error reduction (thanks mlocati)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inability to save blocks, work with dialogs, do many things while asset caching was enabled (thanks mlocati.)
  • Fixed certain panels and dialog windows not opening on Windows servers (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed bug when using "S" option to format date (incorrectly displaying as seconds) (thanks mlocati)
  • Bug fixes with dashboard get image data URL (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed malformed URL in "Load More" in dashboard sitemap (thanks mlocati)
  • Fix unquoted SQL input in permission assignment method (thanks mnkras)