How to Learn Concrete CMS


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What is Concrete CMS?

Concrete CMS is a web content management system designed for creating and managing websites. Its interface is user-friendly, catering to both novices and experts.

What Languages?

Concrete is written in PHP and JavaScript and it pulls data from a MySQL database.

Middleware or Headless?

It's hybrid.

It was originally designed as a middleware based CMS and has a WYSIWYG editing interface that's easy to learn. It's easy to rearrange content on pages organically if you have some basic office skills.

Concrete also has ways of modeling stricter data types. Pages can be built from forms instead of drag-and-drop, and more structured content can be managed via Express as a light weight no-code relational database manager.

With the fully featured API included in Concrete, you can easily share content with 3rd party applications in a headless CMS capacity.

What's it great for?

You can build any type of website with Concrete CMS.

Concrete is particularly great if you have a mix of organic content and structured content, multiple content contributors, the need to use permissions and workflows.

How can I quickly learn it?

Read the pages in this Getting Started section to get a basic lay of the land. Head to the relevant parts of the documentation as your needs lead you from there.

Remember to check out the API documentation that is generated from our codebase, and don't be afraid to ask questions in the forums.