8.4.4 Release Notes


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Feature Updates

  • Improvement for compliance and GDPR: Storage of form data submitted through the form block is now optional. It is a new checkbox in the block (thanks Faker Ben Ali)

Behavioral Improvements

  • Much improved performance in the Stacks panel menu for sites with a lot of stacks – stacks lazily load the blocks within them.
  • Dashboard Welcome Page: hides the "Customize" button if the user does not have permission to edit the page content (thanks marvinde)
  • Allow disabling of Sitemap button in CKEditor concrete5link core plugin (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed W3C validation errors in Elemental (thanks MPagel)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix XSS error when certain error messages could contain HTML (thanks mlocati)
  • Fix error where EditorServiceProvider was complaining about array_merge not being a valid array
  • Fixed: GDPR - ConversationMessages are not deleted when a user is deleted (thanks marvinde)
  • Fix typo in list of CKEditor plugins ('applying') (thanks a3020)