Release Notes


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Feature Updates

  • You can now filter the Page List block by date, including pages with a public date of today, X days in the past, X days in the future, and a custom date range (thanks TimDix)
  • The File block is now available in the Composer view for a Page type (thanks TimDix)
  • You can now export the Database Query Log to CSV (thanks TimDix)
  • The Cache settings page now gives developers the ability to optionally create CSS source maps from compiled LESS files.
  • Version list now shows who approved the version (thanks Katz)
  • Added page template to advanced page search.
  • New modes for page composer where you can choose target pages from an in-panel sitemap, rather than the popup selector.
  • Select custom attribute now uses the Select2 JavaScript library for tagging modes, leading to an improved appearance and nicer code behind the scenes.

Behavioral Improvements

  • Improved appearance and information display of controls on the composer form page type dashboard page (thanks TimDix)
  • Blocks added to the scrapbook will now honor the original block’s cache settings (thanks TimDix)
  • Area layouts will now be cached if all the blocks they contain are cached (thanks TimDix) Adds ability to cache Search Block if the block doesn't display results - useful for when placed in header/footer (thanks TimDix)
  • Performance improvements in the Assets Subsystem (thanks joe-meyer)
  • We now include the “position” property in the search index when using the testimonial block (thanks hissy)
  • Better performance when working with bulk files and file sets with a large number of file sets (thanks TimDix and jefharris23)
  • Stack blocks now check to see if the blocks within the stack can be cached – if so, they will be cached as well (thanks TimDix)
  • Resolved https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/pull/2911 (thanks Shotster)
  • Added error messaging when adding or editing page types and not configuring the publishing settings properly.
  • Better error reporting when http:// or https:// omitted from canonical URLs (thanks mnakalay)
  • Removed “Meta Keywords” from SEO panel on new installs because it’s not actually something that most search engines like anymore (thanks Mesuva). The attribute is still available and installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where layouts with custom widths didn’t honor those widths (thanks kaktuspalme)
  • Fixed bug where area layouts disappear upon changing layout design changes (thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed issue installing on PHP 5.3.9 and earlier ( was supposed to fix this but did not.)
  • When deleting files, some rows were left in child database tables. This has been fixed (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Block actions in edit mode (introduced in 5.7.5) now work with blocks in Composer.
  • Permission access entity types can now be provided in packages like they could in 5.6.
  • Permission keys can now be provided in packages like they could in 5.6.
  • Rich text editor toolbar was abnormally large when present in the attributes dialog window. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where Image block fails on Elemental when using certain third party file storage location types with no thumbnail types installed (thanks Mnkras)
  • We now show a confirmation dialog when discarding page drafts (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed bulk SEO Updater not updating the home page.
  • Fixed editor tooltips and link edit callouts not displaying when using redactor in a dialog.
  • When setting sitewide permissions in simple permissions mode, “Edit Page Type” hadn’t been set. It also wasn’t set by default when installing concrete5. This is fixed.
  • Fixes Bug with Search Block when resultsURL specified instead of page (thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/pull/2894 (thanks skybluesofa)
  • Fixed https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/2362 (thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed Fix Cancel button action on block aliasing dialog (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed scrollbar not appearing after file upload (thanks EC-Chris)
  • Fixed exception when passing an non-number to ccm_paging_p (thanks SkyBlueSofa)

Developer Updates

  • Added custom file import processes for forcing JPEGs, forcing JPEG compression and forcing width/height. Added system for creating custom file import processes and calling them programmatically
  • Added the ability to try and use exif rotation data (experimental, toggle on by enabling with the config value concrete.file_manager.images.use_exif_rotation_data)
  • Translation improvements (thanks mlocati)
  • Added flash message support to page controller. Just call $this->flash(‘key’, ‘value’) and then a page redirect and the $key will be available from within the target page the same as if it had been set from that target page. (e.g. $this->flash(‘success’, ‘Thanks for your submission!’); $this->redirect(‘/to/new/page’); )
  • PageSelector::quickSelect now works again.
  • Page Type Validator framework improvements
  • Slight fixes to form labels in form block (thanks haeflimi)
  • Improvements to permissions content import XML functionality.
  • Fix potential data loss when working with packages that had both db.xml files and Doctrine entities (thanks Mainio)
  • Content block image placeholders now save all attributes placed on the images in the rich text editor (Thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed permissions error rendering “subscribe to conversation” functionality inoperable.
  • Improvements for working with PHP7 (thanks mlocati and Mnkras)
  • Added additional MIME extensions for new Office file types (thanks RGeelen)
  • on_page_get_icon event now works properly (thanks ahukkanen)
  • Lots of code quality improvements (thanks joe-meyer and mlocati)
  • Fixed https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/2952 (thanks ahukkanen)
  • New console command available: Clear Cache (thanks mlocati)

Developer Backward Compatibility Notes

  • The signature of the \Concrete\Core\Page\Type\Validator\ValidatorInterface has changed. If you rely on this interface check your implementations. (Note: if you extend the \Concrete\Core\Page\Type\Validator\StandardValidator you should be fine.)