9.2.9 Release Notes


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Behavioral Improvements

  • Added notifications into the interface about the new marketplace coming in Concrete CMS 9.3.0.
  • Changed the field type for API integration redirect URIs from string to text, enabling better support for multiple redirect URIs.
  • Broken Express objects will no longer attempt to be indexed, leading to errors on upgrade (thanks hissy)
  • Removed the arbitrary 256MB upload limit when using the drag and drop file uploader. Increased to 4GB. (Note: limits based on PHP configuration are still in place – if your site is configured to have a lower limit than this for uploading this will not increase it.)
  • Removed “concrete5” from the system help messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Add Pages/Navigate Sitemap icon was displayed in the Dashboard to users who didn’t have permission to actually do either of those operations.
  • Fixed: QueuedReindexPageCommand failed when express entry detail block exists (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed: Page List Custom Topics Category Filtering Not Working after 9.2.2 (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed: Page Type Display Pages Beneath Page setting doesn't work (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed: getPageIndexScore (unused in stock Concrete but perhaps used in certain configurations) would cause an error under PHP 8 if the score was undefined (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Fixed inability to add custom CSS classes with colons in them, which certain CSS frameworks like Tailwind require.
  • Fixed: When multisite is enabled, the Form submission action gets executed on an incorrect page (thanks BSalaeddin)
  • Fixed PHP 8 error for undefined $siteTypeID under certain conditions.
  • Fixed error when using the calendar block in lightbox mode with a theme that didn’t include lightbox support (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed: Date Time Widget is no longer translated.
  • Fixed bug where user’s may not be prompted to validate their email address when user validation is required (thanks donaier)
  • Fixed deprecation error "Decrement on bool" in page statistics (thanks mlocati)
  • Minor fixes for PHP 8 compatibility (thanks shahroq)
  • Removed obsolete line from search block controller save method (thanks shahroq)
  • Fixed typo in ConfigServiceProvider (thanks biplobice)

Developer Updates

  • SEOCanonical Class Add getIncludedQuerystringParameters (thanks ccmEnlil)