9.3.0 Release Notes


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New Features

  • Support for the brand-new marketplace found at market.concretecms.com, featuring auto-connect, free trials on Concrete SAAS, Composer support for packages, a modern website and much more.
  • Added support for webp images as the default thumbnail type when Concrete auto-generates thumbnails (thanks parasek)
  • Added lazy loading as an option for the Image block (thanks parasek)
  • Added an option to keep file manager folders at the top of the list of contents (instead of intermingled with files) (thanks hissy)
  • When deleting user groups, users are now presented with an option as to what to do with child groups. (thanks mlocati)
  • Make thumbnails generated by Image Helper SEO-friendly (thanks parasek)
  • Atomik is now built on Bedrock 1.5 (Bootstrap 5.3)
  • Dashboard theme is now built on Bedrock 1.5 (Bootstrap 5.3)

Behavioral Improvements

  • Added a config value to toggle default behavior of "Keep Live Version Approved"-Toggle-Button (thanks marcokuoni)
  • Added a confirm dialog box when cancelling out of the in-page rich text editor (thanks Mesuva)
  • If users are prompted to save the username and password on install, the proper credentials will be saved for the admin user (thanks mlocati)
  • Add attribute key handle next to attribute key name in the page type composer form add dialog (thanks parasek)
  • Allow for setting/altering the User Logged by the Logging Service (Thanks haeflimi)
  • File manager detail page now reloads when the file is swapped (thanks mlocati)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CKEditor Maximize plugin breaks editing when used in a dialog (thanks mlocati)
  • Bug fixes and improvements to Boards (thanks marcokuoni)
  • Fixed blank screen that showed when adding blocks to the composer page type form on first load (thanks parasek)
  • Fixed bug where custom styles applied to a global area didn’t work.
  • Fixed: When a page is re-edited, topics in the child level of the topic attribute disappear (thanks hissy)

Backward Compatibility Notes

  • There has been some refactoring to the core class loaders and autoloaders. If you work with the autoloader directly or have extended the built-in Symfony autoloader classes, verify your changes work properly.
  • The core themes now rely on Bootstrap 5.3 (Bedrock 1.5).

Developer Updates

  • Significant improvements to the core autoloaders (thanks mlocati)
  • The Dashboard and CMS are now using Bedrock 1.5 (built from Bootstrap 5.3) as their basis. This should be minimally invasive, but if some third party packages are not displaying properly, please verify that their markup conforms to Bootstrap 5.3.
  • Removing trailing / from HTML header elements (thanks marcokuoni)
  • Developers can now specify CLI shortcuts for fields added to their tasks, when they’re run via the CLI (thanks KnollElias)