8.0.2 Release Notes


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Released December 9, 2016

New Features

  • Added the ability to use the express attribute to specify express entries in the Express Entry Detail block.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed site name not rendering in many themes (those that used Config::get(‘concrete.site’) to retrieve it.)
  • Fixed inability to set a site to private or members only.
  • Fixed error message complaining about methods in missing in the ExpressSetManager interface that made it impossible to work with Express objects in the Dashboard.
  • Fixed error that kept sites with legacy attribute categories (like Vivid Store) from upgrading properly.
  • Fixed Page Attribute Display block not having access to delimiter field after upgrade from 5.7.
  • Fixed ability to save file search queries in site updated from 5.7.
  • Fixed https://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/8-0-1/conversation-block-attachments-can-not-be-disabled/
  • Fixed https://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/8-0-1/file-attributes-with-no-file-selected-cause-errors-after-upgradi/
  • Fixed https://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/8-0-1/web-based-installation-for-8.0.0-never-finishes/#858079
  • Fixed https://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/8-0-1/customiser-error/
  • Fixed https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/4803