Concrete CMS REST API - Scopes


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Note: This updated API functionality is available in Concrete version 9.2+

Below is a table of all the scopes that are available via the Concrete REST API. Which scopes are available for your particular integration depend on which ones you enable when you configure your integration.

Scope Description
account:read Read your user object
blocks:delete Delete blocks
blocks:read View site blocks
blocks:update Update blocks
files:add Add files
files:delete Delete files
files:read Read files as your user
files:update Update files
groups:add Add groups
groups:read Views groups in the site
openid Remotely authenticate into Concrete
pages:add Add pages
pages:areas:add_block Add blocks to a page area
pages:areas:delete_block Delete blocks from a page area
pages:areas:update_block Updates a block in a page area
pages:delete Delete pages
pages:read View site pages
pages:update Update pages
pages:versions:delete Delete page versions
pages:versions:read View page versions
pages:versions:update Update page versions
sites:read Read sites
system:info:read Read system information
users:add Add users
users:delete Delete users
users:read Views users in the site
users:update Update users