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PHP Composer Installation for Concrete Packages

Composer Setup for Packages

  • Create composer.json in your package root with package_handle and set type to concrete5-package.
  • Register your package on Packagist or add it to the composer.json in your Concrete installation under repositories.

Including Third-Party Libraries

  • Add third-party libraries in composer.json under require, like "khill/lavacharts": "2.5.*".
  • Use composerpkg to avoid duplicating libraries.
  • Specify Concrete and PHP versions for compatibility.

Autoloading Code

  • Use getPackageAutoloaderRegistries() in controller.php or the autoload key in composer.json.

Example composer.json

    "name": "your_name/package_handle",
    "type": "concrete5-package",
    "require": {
        "concrete5/core": ">=8.5.0",
        "khill/lavacharts": "2.5.*"
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "CustomNamespace\\": "src/"
    "config": {
        "platform": {
            "php": "5.5.9"

Example controller.php

namespace Concrete\Package\PackageHandle;
use Concrete\Core\Package\Package;
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die('Access Denied.');

class Controller extends Package
    protected $appVersionRequired = '8.5.0';
    protected $pkgHandle = 'package_handle';

    public function install()

    public function on_start()

    private function setupAutoloader()
        if (file_exists($this->getPackagePath() . '/vendor')) {
            require_once $this->getPackagePath() . '/vendor/autoload.php';

Composer Install in Concrete

cd path/to/the/concrete5/root/directory
composer require your_name/package_handle

Prepare for Non-Composer Concrete

cd path/to/the/package/directory
composerpkg install

Publishing Packages in Concrete Marketplace

Manual Publishing

Submit your add-on or theme to the Concrete Marketplace here: https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/manage_item/.

Automated Publishing with GruntJS

Use "Concrete Package Uploader" for GruntJS for automatic publishing. Configure as follows:

    concrete_package_uploader: {
        credentials: {
            username: "your_username",
            password: "your_password"
        packageInformations: {
            packageHandle: "your_package_handle",
            packageFile: "build/your_package_file.zip",
            title: "My package",
            version: '0.9.0',
            singlePrice: 15,
            keywords: 'some, keywords',
            shortDescription: 'This is a short description.',
            description: 'This is a long description.',
            categories: [16, 50],
            screenshots: ["screenshots/1.png", "screenshots/2.png"]
grunt.registerTask('default', ['concrete_package_uploader']);

Install with:

npm install grunt-concrete-package-uploader --save-dev

More information: https://github.com/bitterdev/concrete_package_uploader

Choosing a Method

For one or two packages, manual publishing is suitable. For multiple add-ons or frequent updates, the automated method with GruntJS saves time.