Creating Custom Theme Skins


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Integrating theme skins into our Bedrock-based theme for Concrete version 9 allows us to offer pre-built, optimized design variations. These skins, not requiring theme customization, provide admins with flexible design options. For instance, Atomik, the default theme in version 9, includes two skins: “default” and “Rustic Elegance”.

Adding Skins to Flintstone Theme

  1. Restructure Project Directory:

    • Create a skins directory.
    • Inside skins, create a default sub-directory.
    • Move main.scss and _variables.scss to this default directory.

    Project directory should now look like this: Project Directory Structure

  2. Update main.scss: Modify the file paths to adapt to the new location.

    @import "variables";
    @import "~@concretecms/bedrock/assets/bedrock/scss/frontend";
    @import "../../features/imagery";
  3. Adjust webpack.mix.js: Update file paths to reflect the change in structure.

    mix.sass('assets/scss/skins/default/main.scss', 'css/skins/default.css');
  4. Rebuild Assets and Test: Execute npm run production. This step ensures everything works post-modification.

  5. Update Style Includes in header.php: Change the hard-coded CSS link to <?=$view->getThemeStyles()?>.


    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $view->getThemePath()?>/css/main.css">



    After this change, skins will be operational.

Creating and Adding New Skins

For example, to add a “Wilma” skin:

  1. Duplicate the default directory, renaming it to wilma.
  2. Modify _variables.scss in the wilma directory:

    $primary: #ff3c10;
    $secondary: #704c3b;
  3. Update webpack.mix.js to include the new skin:

    mix.sass('assets/scss/skins/wilma/main.scss', 'css/skins/wilma.css');
  4. Re-run npm run production.

Key Considerations:

  • Variable Optimization: Maintain a shared variable file to avoid duplications.
  • Flexibility: The system works with any CSS setup, not just Bedrock or Webpack.
  • CSS Content: Skins can vary greatly in their CSS content.

In conclusion, theme skins enhance the flexibility and design options in Concrete CMS themes. For comprehensive source code, visit the GitHub repository.