Add a Page Type

You can add a new page type through this dashboard page interface. In order to do so, you'll need to supply the following: 

  • Page Type Name - Human-readable name for the page type
  • Page Type Handle - handle for the page type that uses only lowercase letters and underscores for use within the system. 
  • Default Page Template - the page template that will be used for output by default by this page type.
  • Launch in Composer - Whether or not, when this page is added, if the user should be placed straight into edit mode or have the composer overlay pop out so they can fill in that information first. 
  • Is this Page Type Frequently Added? - This will determine if the Page Type shows up in the add pages panel in edit mode or whether it is tucked away in the "More" section.
  • Allowed Page Templates - Determine which page templates this Page Type can or can't be used with. Options include All, Selected Page Templates, or Everything But Selected. 
  • Publish Method - This allows you to determine where pages of this type can be published in the site tree. Options include:
    • Always publish below a certain page (requires choosing a specific page via the page picker).
    • Choose from all pages when publishing
    • Choose from pages of a certain type (requires choosing a Page Type from a select menu).