You can edit page types:

  • Basic Details - Basic details allows you to specify the following about your page type:
    • Page Type Name - The readable name of the page type.
    • Page Type Handle - The system handle. only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. 
    • Default Page Template - The page template that will be used by default when this a page of this page type is created. 
    • Launch in Composer? - Determines whether or not the composer overlay launches automatically when a page of this page type is created. Useful if you have lots of attributes or options that need to be set right off the bat. 
    • Is This Page Type Used Frequently? - Checking this box makes the page type always appear in the Pages panel. Otherwise it will be tucked away under the "more" section.
    • Allowed Page Templates - Allows you to choose which Page Templates can be used in conjunction with this Page Type. 
    • Publish Method - Let's you control the publishing flow, e.g. whether users can publish it under any page, below a certain page only, or below pages of a certain page type.
  • Edit Form - This allows you to control what attributes are available to edit for the page in composer. 
  • Output  - Allows you to see which Page Templates are associated with the Page Type and edit their default content. 
  • Permissions - Let's you edit permissions pertaining to this page type: Edit Page Type, Edit Page Type Permissions, and Edit Page Type Drafts. 
  • And if need be, you can delete them.