File Manager Permissions

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These settings control who can access the File Manager on your site. 

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View Files
Controls who can view and download files that you've uploaded to the File Manager.
Search File Folder
Controls who can search files by various properties (name, description, etc.).
Edit File Folder
Controls who can create, edit, and delete file folders within the File Manager.
Edit File Properties
Controls who can alter file properties, such as name, description, and file attributes.
Edit File Contents
Controls who can use the built-in image editor to crop, rotate and resize images.
Copy File
Controls who can duplicate a file.
Edit File Access
Controls who can change a file's password and storage location.
Delete File Set
Controls who can remove an existing file set.
Delete File
Controls who can delete files from the File Manager.
Add File
Controls who can add new files to the File Manager. This permission can be further refined by restricting an access entity to specific file types.

File Uploader Access Entity

This special access entity is available on the File Manager Permissions page and can be used to control how the user that "owns" a file can manage only their own uploads via the File Manager.



Using the File Uploader access entity, you can enable users to control only those files they've uploaded. In this example, all Registered Users can add files, but they can only find their own files once uploaded (and they can't modify them or remove them.)

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