Public Registration

Public Registration

To allow users to create their own user accounts on your site, you'll need to enable Public Registration. Several options are available to customize how this works.


Basic options

  • Off: Disables user registration. New user accounts must be created through the Dashboard by an administrator.
  • On - email validation: Your Concrete CMS site sends an email to the new user's address with a unique link that must be clicked before the account is activated.
  • On - approve manually: Accounts will be created but remain inactive until an administrator activates the new account from the user profile edit screen.
  • On - signup and go: New accounts will be created immediately.

Advanced options

  • Send email when a user registers: this sends an alert email to a specific email address. Helpful for sites set to require manual approval of new user accounts.
  • CAPTCHA required: Forces users to solve a CAPTCHA before registration form submission.
  • Enable OpenID: Allows users to log in using OpenID credentials.
  • Use emails for login: Requires user to log in using their registered email address in place of their username.

Enabling registration will add a new "Register here!" button to your login page:

Clicking the button will send users to a registration form where they can create a username, password and all other required attributes: