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Composer - This is a form based interface for managing content on this page. Not every page type will be setup to use composer.

Design - Lets you change the page theme and page template. You can also switch theme style presets, adjust custom styles, and add custom CSS (applied to just this page or the whole site).

SEO - All the SEO fields for this page in one easy to find spot.

Location - Move or copy this page around your site tree. Also control the vanity URL and any redirects that point to this page.

Attributes - All custom attributes that are assigned to this page can be edited here.

Caching - Configure page specific cache settings.

Permissions - Control who can see and edit this page. For more granular permission control, turn on advanced permissions in your dashboard.

Versions - A complete list of page changes and who made them.

Mobile Preview - Preview what your site will look like on specific mobile devices.

View as User - See what your website looks like to the public or specific users.

Delete Page - Remove this page from your website.