The settings > Attributes tab lets you change Custom Attributes that are tied to this page. In Concrete CMS, Custom Attributes are variables that can be associated with pages, users, files, and if you're using the eCommerce add-on, products. They provide a great way of storing strongly typed data you can search and use for application development later.


  • The left column displays all available attributes for this page type. You can limit the list by typing in the search box, and attributes that have been selected are highlighted blue.
  • The right column displays the values for these attributes. Some common attribute types include:
    • Name - The name of this page is displayed in various navigations in your site.
    • Created Time - This is NOT a publish embargo date, but rather just the time and date to associate with this page in general. It's used for ordering & display in the blog.
    • Author - This is NOT a permission of who can edit, but rather just a concrete user name to associate with the page (again used in the blog detail page type)
    • Description - This short paragraph is displayed by the Page List block, and is typically included as meta description unless you add a specific one as an override.
    • Exclude From Nav - if on, this hides this page from the Auto-Nav block
    • Exclude From Page List - if on, hides this page from the Page List block
    • Exclude from Search Index - if on, this page's content will not be included in search results.