From the settings menu, the Design


  • The Page Template section shows all the template files in this theme that the current page can use. These Templates generally change the basic layout of the page.
  • The Theme section lets you choose which of the installed themes this page should use. You can have more than one active theme on your website. You can also browse the marketplace of themes available at from here.
  • Customize CSS brings up the editable styles tab for this theme.


  • The Presets let you quickly change a group of styles from the section below to a configuration that the designer of this theme finds more pleasing.
  • The list of styles lets you change different CSS attributes in the theme that have been defined as editable. It's up to each theme developer to decide how much customization to include.
  • Reset customizations, at the bottom of this menu, will set all styles back to the original values.
  • Custom CSS lets you add your own CSS at the end of the HEAD section of the theme to override styles that weren't defined by the theme developer as editable.

When you hit Save Changes you can choose to discard your edits, apply them to just this page, or save them across the whole site.