This settings tab lets you control where the current page lives in your web site. You can change the location of a page within the hierarchy of your site either when you create the page or after it has been created.

  • Choose Location - Just like your computer's folder system, Concrete CMS manages your site with a tree where every page lives below another page (except for home which is the root of your tree). Clicking Choose Location lets you change the parent page of this current page we're editing.
  • URLs to this Page - Concrete will 301 redirect traffic that comes to different URLs to a single correct (canonical) URL. This is good for search engines which do not like the same content appearing at two different URLs.
  • Add URL - if you do want an alternative URL to point to this page, add it here and visitors to these URLs will be automatically redirected to the canonical. This is a great tool for popular pages or seasonal promotions that might be buried in the site but need a short URL for marketing purposes.