Automated Jobs

Automated Jobs

The automated jobs page lets you perform common system maintenance tasks. Four jobs are installed by default, and each can be run by clicking the black "Play" triangle icon to the left of the Job ID column.

Additional custom jobs can be downloaded from the Concrete CMS Marketplace or written from scratch.


Index Search Engine

This job scans all pages on your site and collects text content and stores it in its own specific database table. The result is a full text index that can be searched using the concrete core Search block. If you've recently made updates to site content and want to make this text immediately searchable by visitors, you will need to manually run this job. You can choose to either index the search engine for all the content on a site, or just update it with updates recently made. This can be useful if you have a large site and don't want to expend the resources indexing the entire site every time this is run.

Generate Sitemap.xml File

Your Sitemap File is an XML document that describes the structure of your site and the date that each page was last updated. Search engines use this information to help determine when they need to re-list a page or alter its search relevancy. If you've made recent changes to your site and want to make sure that Google et al. sees them as soon as possible, make sure to run this job.

Check Automated Groups

This job will add users to groups and assign badges as necessary. 

Process Email Posts

This job prompts your site to send any queued email messages that have not yet been sent. This can include form responses, password reset requests, etc. 

Remove Old Page Versions

As you edit your site and publish your changes, you create new versions of each page. If your site has many thousands of versions of pages, it may experience performance issues on certain hosting environments. To remedy this problem, the Remove Old Page Versions jobs allows you to quickly and easily delete all but the most recent ten versions of pages. This job will locate and delete all versions except the 10 most recent, across up to three different pages, returning a result of what it has deleted. If you have a large site, you may want to schedule this job to run more frequently to make sure all old page versions have been cleaned up.

Update Gatherings

Loads new content into gathering blocks in the site from their respective content sources. 

Automated Jobs URL

concrete provides an easy way for a site owner to periodically run these jobs on an automatic basis. With the URL provided, you can write a cron job that accesses the url listed at the bottom of your Automated Jobs page. This will run all the currently installed jobs at the interval you've selected.