Waiting for Me


The "Waiting For Me" dashboard page is a useful tool that allows users to easily view and manage content that is awaiting their review or approval.

Once on the dashboard page, users can locate the "Waiting For Me" section in the middle of the page. This section will display a list of items that require the user's attention, such as:

  • Concrete Updates

  • Conversation messages

  • Form submissions

  • Group accepted signup requests

  • Group creations

  • Group declined signup requests

  • Group role changes

  • Group signup requests

  • Group signups

  • Private messages

  • User Deactivated 

  • User Signups 

Each item in the list will include a brief summary of the content, as well as options to approve, reject, or edit the content. Users can also choose to view more details about each item by clicking on the item's title.

Users can also view their drafts here in the "Pending Drafts" section.